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Ambient / Experimental / Drone / Electronic
sound & video project based in
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

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(AMPEFF 014 / EP)

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VISIBLE CLOAKS – Reassemblage (Review by Dimitar Dodovski)

Spencer Doran и Ryan Carlile (Visible Cloaks) се студенти по музичка историја од Портланд, Орегон, кои нема да се обесхрабрат така лесно и откажат од продукција кога нивниот звук би бил еднострано обележан како уште еден обид за new age ескапизам. Нивната визија е да...
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Amplidyne Effect & Vedis @ Kanal 103 || Ako Nikoj Ne Sviri || (21.05.2017)

Amplidyne Effect and Vedis performed a live improvised set at the Kanal 103 Radio for the "Ako Nikoj Ne Sviri" Radio program on Sunday 21st May 2017. Facebook Event   [gallery...
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Niskogradba – Memories

Skillfully detected moments from movie soundtracks and under the radar cheezy pop from the 80’s are repeated almost ad nauseam to make a hypnagogic and foggy atmosphere full of existential anxiety, nostalgia for the expired future and murky disembodied memories that unexpectedly took a life of their own.

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Dave Phillips/dp Live Balkan tour 2017 + Transhunter

FACEBOOK EVENT dave phillips/dp (ex Fear of God) + TRANSHUNTER (MK) LIVE Balkan tour 2017 “musique concrète actionniste?" 18 мај 2017, СЦ Дуња, 21ч. Звучен активизам и ритуална протестна музика. Mетодите на dave phillips/dp се аудио де/конструкција, композиција,...
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False Perspective Gallery

FALSE PERSPECTIVE is a design, experimental photography and scans exhibition followed by a deep drone sound work of 2 hours and a blurred perspective video of colors and shapes.

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Dimitrov – Ristevski – Georgievski – Collab II

Collab 2 is the second digital album release by Toni Dimitrov, Boban Ristevski and Martin Georgievski for the United By Chaos website. Consisting of deep ambient drones it’s the second ambient album by this trio released so far.

(AMPEFF 012)

VA – Remote Perspective, An Abstract Sound Compilation

“Remote Perspective, An Abstract Sound Compilation” is the first digital download compilation released on the website (under the self-release moniker AmpEff), as a free download.

(AMPEFF 014)

Niskogradba – Memories EP

AMPEFF is happy to announce its first “non Amplidyne Effect” release on the Brian Eno‘s birthday by the mysterious “Niskogradba” the EP called Memories. Therefore AMPEFF is now officially turning into somewhat of an experimental net label.