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Ambient / Experimental / Drone / Electronic
Sound, Label & Video project based in
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

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(AMPEFF 014 / EP)

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Lost in Forest #41 – Ex-Yu Folktronica/ Ambient-Folk

Post Global Trio have a track featured in the "Lost in Forest" program along with other experimental artists from the "Ex-Yu" region. "Ex-Yu forest spirits united in this one hour exploration of folkloric sensibilities in more recent electronic and ambient music from...
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Review from Foreign Accents “(Quick Take) Post Global Trio – Minus Seven”

Another great one from Amsterdam’s Shimmering Moods, who deserve major cred for putting out øjeRum’s Naar Vi Vaagner in April, this time from the Macedonian Post Global Trio (Dimitar Dodovski helming an array of electronics, Toni Dimitrov gathering field-recordings as well as taking the cover photo, Martin Georgievski on guitar and synth): the ethno-ambience of Minus Seven.

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Sonic Signals @ Kapan An (29th May 2017)

Sonic Signals е нов аудио/визуелен концепт кој им дозволува на диџеите, продуцентите, експерименталните артисти и визуелните артисти, целосна слобода да изберат индивидуално како ке го претстават својот материјал и алтер-его пред публиката. Со него им се дава можност...
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Skopje Cinema City – Фестивал на музички документарни филмови

Третото издание на филмскиот фестивал за музички документарни филмови “Skopje Cinema City” од 15-ти до 19-ти јуни, во киносалата на Кинотека на Македонија. Фестивал чија главна тема е музиката прикажана низ филм, каде без оглед на жанрот или годината на продукција, целта е да се создаде музичко искуство и патешествие, низ приказ на богатството на музичкиот свет.

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Maps and Diagrams

Since releasing a track on the RND_0.34873349921 compilation on the Pause_2 label in 2001, Maps and Diagrams has appeared on many well-repsected labels, such as: Static Caravan, Nomadic Kids Republic, Beko DSL, Fluid Audio, Time Released Sound, Chemical Tapes, Smallfish, Toytronic, Expanding Records and both Moamoo and Symbolic Interaction in Japan – to name but a few.

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Post Global Trio – Minus Seven

The latest Post Global Trio album “Minus Seven” was recorded live at the kanal 103 radio station in Skopje, Macedonia, December 2016. The trio exhibited highest level of synergy resulting in four uninterrupted pieces of “radio drama” from an intimate world secretly embedded in the interstices of the current political turmoil.

(AMPEFF 012)

VA – Remote Perspective, An Abstract Sound Compilation

“Remote Perspective, An Abstract Sound Compilation” is the first digital download compilation released for AMPEFF, as a free download. Featuring experimental and ambient artists from Macedonia and around the globe

(AMPEFF 014)

Niskogradba – Memories EP

Niskogradba continues to deliver now on the vaporwave / ambient side of the spectrum. Skillfully detected moments from movie soundtracks and under the radar cheezy pop from the 80’s are repeated almost ad nauseam to make a hypnagogic and foggy atmosphere full of existential anxiety, nostalgia for the expired future and murky disembodied memories that unexpectedly took a life of their own.