>>> Amplidyne Effect <<<
Ambient / Experimental / Drone / Electronic
sound & video project based in
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

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Dimitrov – Ristevski – Georgievski – s/t (AS-007HS.3 / LP)

Dimitrov – Ristevski – Georgievski – S/T Released February 28th 2017 … Arsenic Solaris (AS-007HS.3) Ambient / Experimental / Field Recordings Download on Bandcamp! AS-007HS.3 Handmade Series collection duplicated CDr in recycled sleeve Martin...
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Non-Places #01 (From Places to Non Places): Parahi te marae

Non-Places #01 (From Places to Non Places): Parahi te marae Find the Rabbit -Experimental 2D Machinima Sources: Title: The sacred mountain. Parahi te marae Artist: Paul Gauguin Completion Date: 1892  Place of Creation: French Polynesia Style: Cloisonnism  Period: 1st...
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Post Global Trio in Skopje, Wonderlust on 26/01/17

Post Global Trio 26th / January / 2017 Wonderlust, Skopje, MK 21:00 / FREE ENTRANCE Mузиката на Post Global Trio е сочинета од теренски снимки, суптилни делници и текстури, и незабележливи репетитивни ритми кои резонираат некаде помеѓу апстракцијата и наративниот тек,...
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Amplidyne Effect – 1-49

1-49 is the collection of the Oldcasts from #1 – #49 combined into one album which makes it the longest album by Amplidyne Effect. Recorded in the duration of 2011, 1-49 consists of improvised sounds ranging from experimental, noise, ambient, drone, post-rock, electronic, krautrock… which makes the album generative in it’s own way. Duration stands at 1 day, 4 hours, 52 minutes and 11 seconds (almost 29 hours).

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Top 15 Most Listened for 2016 (by Dimitar Dodovski)

1. Huerco S. – For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) 2 . The Chi Factory* Featuring Koos Derwort & Hanyo van Oosterom – The Bamboo Recordings 3. Laraaji / Sun Araw – Professional Sunflow 4. Central (7) – Political Dance...
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Amplidyne Effect – 1-49

“LP” release of the longest yet Amplidyne Effect Material, the Oldcasts from #1 until #49

28 hours 52 minutes 11 seconds of generative Ambient / Psychedelic / Post-Rock sounds