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Ambient / Experimental / Drone / Electronic
Sound, Label & Video project based in
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

Upcoming Shows

Meissa Ionis  

Date City Venue Country
24/03/18 To Be Continued To Be Continued Italy
Time: 2:30pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Box office: http://www.stazioneditopolo.it. Related post. Buy Tickets More information

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Meissa Ionis @ ToBe Continued… 2018 (24th March 2018)

Amplidyne Effect is performing as his side-project Meissa Ionis this year for the TBC Marathon starting at 00:00 CET on 24th March. Joining the festival line up from the AMPEFF roster is Niskogradba as well. Meissa Ionis is up at 14:30 GMT+1 The lineup as follows:...

V A P O R S O F T W O R K S 蒸気ソフト – WEATHER (AMPEFF 022 / EP / 2018)

Vaporwave release by “V A P O R S O F T W O R K S 蒸気ソフト” the Weather EP.

AMBIENT IN LIVE @ S.C Dunja 25th February, 2018 (20:00)

Live performance by Sound_00 + Lefterna & Amplidyne Effect + Marko Kuculovski & Deni Omeragic

Review for Amplidyne Effect – Gloria on Canvas

Read the latest review on “Gloria on Canvas” written on nomads.mk

Amplidyne Effect – Gloria on Canvas (AMPEFF 021 / LP / 2018)

“Gloria on Canvas” is the collection of sounds recorded over the course of few years by Amplidyne Effect. Inspired by modern classical and ambient/experimental spectrum of sounds; composition and the artistic movements of nature that we can only experience through fragments of canvas and sound.

/r​/​Vaporwave Presents: The 70k Compilation!

The track “heat” by the artist “ᴘₒʟʏɢʟᵒᴛ” that was released for AMPEFF, found itself on this /r/Vaporwave compilation featuring a lot of vaporwave artists and tracks. 

(AMPEFF 020)

Augen – Looking for Phenomena

Entering unforeseen fields, on a path to renewal. 

. . .

(AMPEFF 021)

Amplidyne Effect – Gloria on Canvas

Dedicated to the creation of the artists,
clutered in this odd existance.

. . .

(AMPEFF 022)

V A P O R S O F T W O R K S 蒸気ソフト – WEATHER EP

Newest Vaporwave release on AMPEFF

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