Amplidyne Effect
Ambient / Experimental / Drone / Electronic
Sound, Label & Video project based in
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

Latest AMPEFF Release
(AMPEFF 029 /LP)

Upcoming Shows

Amplidyne Effect  

Date City Venue Country
02/03/19 Skopje MKC Macedonia
Time: 12:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: Dimitar Vlahov walk 15, Skopje 1000. Venue phone: 02 311 5225. Related post.

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Threads*MKC Pop Up – Day & Night (March 2nd Start 12:00)

Threads* is the second stream of Threads, a radio station with studio bases in London & Berlin, curating a unique & diverse selection of music, also providing a platform for a range of social, political & comedic talk-based content.

Schedule change for “Waves of Ambience #2”

Dear friends, due to the national day of mourning and as respect for the victims and their families from yesterday’s accident, tonight’s event with Likvidator, Vedis and Amplidyne Effect is cancelled and will be rescheduled for next week on 20th February (21h) at La Kanja. As an extra event there will be a live stream at 19th February at 22h (UTC+1)

Myoptik – Voyager (AMPEFF 029 / LP / 2019)

Myoptik’s Voyager album explores the sonic intensity of transportation when utilised as part of major international conflict. The album contains four different soundscapes, each focusing on one particular means of transit and the tense, emotive sound palate in existence when in constant, pressurised territorial movement using that particular method of moving huge numbers of people from one place to another to stem the tide of others to whom they are opposed.

Waves of Ambience #2 (2019)

Waves of Ambience #2 is an annual celebration of experimental music and auditory/visual meditations, as a small DIY festival organized by AMPEFF. This year starting on 16th February, the festival will be held for 4 days at La Kaña and Social Centar Dunja in Skopje, and brings you several musical acts from Macedonia and Malta.

New Radio “Threads” for Electronic Music launches soon

Run by some of the team behind the London-based DIY station 199radio, Threads will look to curate a “unique selection of underground, cutting-edge music, while providing a platform for a range of socially and politically-focused talk-based content.”

AMPEFF (029 / LP)

Blissful Insomnia
Deep Rooted Universe
AMPEFF (028 / LP)

Broken Fragments of Memories
An Abstract Sound Compilation

AMPEFF (026 / EP)