Amplidyne Effect
Ambient / Experimental / Drone / Electronic
Sound, Label & Video project based in
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

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Top 30 Concerts for 2018 (by Amplidyne Effect)

Amplidyne Effect’s list of the best concerts that marked 2018.

V/A – Mot De Passe #1 (Arsenic Solaris)

Mot De Passe #1 is the first compilation of 2019 by the label Arsenic Solaris, compiled with ambient/experimental music from artists around the world. Including in the compilation are tracks by artists : Lands of Conifer, Kromeshna,Sound_00 / Lefterna, Nequanon, Xtematic/Xernex, Héloïse Francesconi, Arsenne Arthur, Wille Zur Macht + IWKC / I Will Kill Chita, Amplidyne Effect and HHH

Top 20 Albums for 2018

List of the best albums for 2018

Stamou / Chytiris / Ziarkas & Meissa Ionis LIVE (9th December 2018)

Meissa Ionis will be performing for the first time at S.C Dunja along with Stamou / Chytiris / Ziarkas from Greece. Meissa Ionis is a noisier and more experimental side project of Amplidyne Effect, which started as an idea in 2014, Meissa Ionis borrows concepts from...

103 Генерации концерти

Почитувани, две и пол години по незаборавниот концерт на Psychic TV, што ја одбележа 25-годишнината на радиото, Канал 103 ве кани на ново уникатно искуство во вид на музичкиот фестивал - 103 ГЕНЕРАЦИИ. Инспирирани од нашата улога на „први во колоната" на патот кон...

Blissful Insomnia
Deep Rooted Universe
AMPEFF (028 / LP)

Broken Fragments of Memories
An Abstract Sound Compilation

AMPEFF (026 / EP)

V/A – Mot De Passe #1
Arsenic Solaris