Amplidyne Effect is the brainchild of producer and musician Martin Georgievski (b. 1988), solo project created and introduced to the experimental music scene in Republic of Macedonia, September 2009. First started as a drone / noise project and evolved into more complex improvised interpolated ambient music with electronic and subtle post-rock, shoegaze and noise elements. Incorporating design and photography in the project, Amplidyne Effect had it’s first exhibition in February 2014. Amplidyne Effect is also part of the ambient/drone band based in Macedonia “Post Global Trio” and the experimental-darkwave-noise side project “Meissa Ionis”. Long improvised sessions and recordings at the home studio, exploring with keyboards, guitar, bass, field recordings and piezo microphones compose the music of Amplidyne Effect, all from long solo recording sessions, internet streams or combined effort from musicians and artists over e-mail or recording sessions.

Main theme and inspiration for the project comes from nature itself, technology, the urban world, travels, and general exploration and destruction of sound. Amplidyne Effect has collaborated with artists from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Argentina, Switzerland, Spain, Macedonia and Serbia on-stage live, through internet streams or recording sessions.

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Amplidyne Effect has played and/or collaborated with artists and musicians:

  • Aleksandar Nikov
  • Aleksandar Ordev
  • Aleksandar Baltiq (BATL / Disphilharmonia)
  • Brian Alexander (Vulganstein)
  • Boban Ristevski (Lefterna)
  • Constantine Katsiris (Scant_Intone)
  • Deceptions Digital
  • Dimitar Dodovski (Moss Garden / Post Global Trio)
  • D’Incise,
  • Filip Dimiskovski (Post Global Trio)
  • Giovanni Todisco (Trrma / La Confraternita Del Purgatorio)
  • Goce Gligurovski (Mnemonic45)
  • Jonas Kocher,
  • Marko Jevtic (StJv)
  • Marko Kuculovski
  • Melissa Blomberg (Kashmir / Synth Surfers Ensemble / DEBRIS)
  • Ognen Spirovski (Ogie)
  • Sase Puckovski (Noitu / Disphilharmonia)
  • Sonja Dimitrioska (KLO / Mooger Fooger / Then / Pikolomini / Future Cathedrals)
  • Simon Jones (Hot Hail / a.P.A.t.T.)
  • Toni Dimitrov (Sound_00 / Post Global Trio)
  • Todd Kopec (One Frequency / Cabinet)
  • Srđan Gojković “Gile” (Elektricni Orgazam)
  • Vasko Serafimov & Venko Serafimov (Konkord / Moral)

Post Global Trio

Post Global Trio is an ambient/drone collective composed of Toni Dimitrov, Dimitar Dodovski and Martin Georgievski. Post Global Trio performs all live improvisation sets using ambient textures and field recordings. Post Global Trio is an experience. Experience that you can feel on the journey through distant lands. Inside or outside thyself. Image of clear and subtle soundscapes and landscapes. Enter into the woods. Leave the city behind the horizon. Forget about it… Now enter more deeply. In thyself. And find yourself. The way you were before you have long forgotten. The project is created as a continuity of communication, collaboration, necessity of developing a certain scene. Sound picture of long-term mutual philosophical meditations. Post Global Trio is a project between Toni Dimitrov, Dimitar Dodovski and Martin Georgievski.

Meissa Ionis

Meissa Ionis is the side-project/alter-ego of Amplidyne Effect, which started as an idea in 2014. “Quadroscopia“, the first album was released in just 3 hours production time, from recording to finishing touches of the album cover. The idea is to self-release albums without any prior notice in the category of “Harsher” sound spectrum – ranging from Doom Drone, Dark Ambient, Dark Wave, Harsh IDM, Tribal and Industrial sounds. Meissa Ionis is the dark side of Amplidyne Effect.