Amplidyne Effect – 1-49 (EXLP)

Released January 8th 2017 … Self-Released (AMPEFF 011)
Ambient / Drone / Experimental / Generative / Post-Rock / Noise / Long Concept Album

1-49 is the collection of the Oldcasts from #1 – #49 combined into one album which makes it the longest album by Amplidyne Effect. Recorded in the duration of 2011, 1-49 consists of improvised sounds ranging from experimental, noise, ambient, drone, post-rock, electronic, krautrock… which makes the album generative in it’s own way. Duration stands at 1 day, 4 hours, 52 minutes and 11 seconds (almost 29 hours).

How to listen:
1. At shuffle. Play the album at shuffle and have the fade option turned on, you will never know where it will lead.
2. Continuous. Play it from the start! Only you have the power to listen through 29 hours of Amplidyne Effect 🙂
3. Pick one track at random. That’s the album, the track you picked.
4. Use the music at exhibitions / installations as background noise. (BE CAREFUL SOME TRACKS ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM THE USUAL DRONE / AMBIENT STUFF)
5. Completely avoid it. That’s alright, there’s lots of other music out there.

(Guest starring by Kashmir on track 39)