Saso Puckovski – Noitu

Noitu is the audio-visual output of Saso Puckovski a cross-disciplinary artist hailing from Skopje, Macedonia. Saso’s work spanes across the spheres of sound art, audio-visual performance and installation.

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Aleksandar Nikov

Aleksandar Nikov is a guy that wears glasses (not necessary geeky ones). Classical philologist with lots of printing ink on his hands. Promising amateur photographer without a single printed photograph. Proud owner of CHAO 700, the first modular DIY synth in his neighborhood. Returning tourist and weekend adventurer in the sphere of electronic music, Master Clock, Knight of the Kick Drum and Knight of the Hi-hats.

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Meissa Ionis – Epic Propulsion (AMPEFF 005 / EP)

First EP by Meissa Ionis, Experimental, Lo-FI recorded with piezo microphones.

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Sound of Architecture set at Menada (28.03.2013)

Amplidyne Effect performed for the first time in Menada, Skopje on 28th March 2013 along with Toni Dimitrov, Sonja Dimitrioska & Marko Kuculovski.

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Post Global Trio – Post Global Trio (post010)

Improvised work by Amplidyne Effect, Sound_00 & Dimitar Dodovski recorded 2014 live streaming in the studio of Kanal 103, Skopje Macedonia.

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Amplidyne Effect & Hot Hail – Isotopia (AMPEFF 004 / LP)

Experimental collaborative LP between Hot Hail and Amplidyne Effect, recorded on separate stream sessions.

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16th January 2016 – Amplidyne Effect at Planetarium

Amplidyne Effect played a set at the Planetarium located in the building for the Youth Culture Center. In event for the 43rd Birthday of the Youth Culture Center in Skopje, Macedonia.
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ToBe Continued… 2015 + Amplidyne Effect’s Performance Audio.

Amplidyne Effect performed for the 2015 ToBe Continued… online festival. You can listen to the performance...
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Post Global Trio – Clouds (TR059)

Clouds is the third album by Post Global Trio released on Twice Removed as (now sold out!) CDr. Recorded in Lazaropole on an improvised night session.

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Meissa Ionis – Quadroscopia (AMPEFF 002 / LP)

Quadroscopia is a heavy dark and doom drone album heavily influenced by the loud and sonic perplexity of Sunn O))), basically lacking in seriousness and the more experimental noise pit of Amplidyne Effect.

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Live Streaming event on 12/03/2017

Live stream event on Sunday 12th March 2017 Starting: 20:00 #ambient / #drone / #techno / #idm 20:00 (gmt+1) – Dimitar Dodovski (DJ Set) 22:00 (gmt+1) – Amplidyne Effect (LIVE) 23:00 (gmt+1) – Aeryia (DJ Set) Tune in:...

New Stream

Check out my 24/7 stream at: Streaming all the Amplidyne Effect’s albums in full, as well as mixes, tracks and compilations by friends and other artists as well. You might be able to hear a live stream sometime, DJ or a Live...

Post Global Trio in Skopje, Wonderlust on 26/01/17

Post Global Trio 26th / January / 2017 Wonderlust, Skopje, MK 21:00 / FREE ENTRANCE Mузиката на Post Global Trio е сочинета од теренски снимки, суптилни делници и текстури, и незабележливи репетитивни ритми кои резонираат некаде помеѓу апстракцијата и наративниот тек,...

Amplidyne Effect – 1-49

1-49 is the collection of the Oldcasts from #1 – #49 combined into one album which makes it the longest album by Amplidyne Effect. Recorded in the duration of 2011, 1-49 consists of improvised sounds ranging from experimental, noise, ambient, drone, post-rock, electronic, krautrock… which makes the album generative in it’s own way. Duration stands at 1 day, 4 hours, 52 minutes and 11 seconds (almost 29 hours).

Jono Podmore (Kumo)

Jono Podmore aka Kumo – professor of the practice of popular music at the prestigious Hochschule für Musik in Cologne, Germany – is best known latterly for his tireless work curating and managing the archives of Krautrock pioneers Can.

БЕЛА НОЌ 2016 Скопјанки и Скопјани, На 1ви октомври, ширум нашиот град, вашата Бела Ноќ по 12ти пат. Годинава, со “по/концентрирана” програма, насочена низ неколку точки во градот. ГОЛЕМАТА изложба на американски ПОП АРТ, распослана...

De:sonanz Festival 2016 // Neo:Trad

De:sonanz Festival 2016 // Neo:Trad 10 дена уметност / 10 дена музика / 50+ артисти кои ќе го трансформираат Скопје во епицентар на современата култура. МКЦ Скопје + други локации низ градот. Детални информации за програмата и online продажба на карти