Melisa Blomberg / Kashmir11

(Barcelona, Spain)

Melisa Blomberg aka Kashmir11 Born in Buenos Aires, lover of colors, sounds, flavors and creations of nature. Inspired by Scifi Movies and Series, books, ilustrators and music composers. At the age of 5 she began his musical training in keyboards under the guidance of Professor Silvia Mangiavillano for 12 years then continued on Dr. Antonio Dellepiane National School. There she did 3 years of classes Keyboards and 1 year of study of violin instrument. During her years of primary and secondary school in the College of San David Villa Devoto, she specialized in the area of Singing then formally took classes with Professor Norberto Rodriguez from 16 years to the present. Parallel to her studies at the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires, she attended courses in Music Therapy at the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires and made several live performances with his musical projects (Teatro Vorterix, Bukowski Bar, Crab Bar, Eter Club, etc) . During these years she threw herself into learning various musical composition programs such as Reason, Finale, Ableton Live and others. All them represented in multiple projects of different styles (progressive rock covers and SixtinineSeventies covers from the ’70s), including some collaborations with multiple artists worldwide such as Amplidyne Effect from Macedonia, Foreigner’s eye from France and Futurewave from Hungary. Her latest project called DEBRIS own compositions (with Alejo Eremita) consists of synthesizers, guitars and vocals. Her career in research on rare diseases and Robotics continued in parallel with the need to further investigate the creation of sounds through the synthesizer which leads her to perform two full courses Synthesis and programming synths in the recording and production studio Siesta del Fauno with Professor Ernesto Romeo strengthening her musical interests and opening a world of images and totally new experiences. She was part of an ensemble of synthesizers called Synth Surfers Ensemble that took her on tour through Barcelona, Almeria, London and other cities. She continued with DEBRIS project and also with The Citadels (Foreigner’s eye). In 2017 she moved to Barcelona where she kept composing Dark Synthwave, Scifi, Cyberpunk music, being hard for her own to classify her style of composition.