New Leaf Inc. – New Life

New Life is a representation of growth and a salute to change.
Growth in the environment, the seasons, the artists and this very label.
Water, oxygen, sun and soil are all sonic and physical influences on New Life

Amplidyne Effect & Hot Hail – Isotopia (AMPEFF 004 / LP / 2014)

Experimental collaborative LP between Hot Hail and Amplidyne Effect, recorded on separate stream sessions.

Amplidyne Effect – Oldcast #50 – BLOSSOM (AMPEFF 001 / LP / 2013)

Recorded in 2011, Oldcast #50 is the 50th in the series of improvised sounds called “Oldcast” released on Bandcamp.
50th being the defining point and a mix of old and new sounds recorded with longtime friends and collaborators of Amplidyne Effect.

頭上 w y r s – 17​.​12 ‘amour after dark’ (AMPEFF 019 / EP / 2017)

After a long day in the rat race of market trading you return to your penthouse condo.
Your girl has been waiting and pours you a scotch on the rocks.
It’s been a hot July this year and you both decide to retreat to the rooftop.

Post Global Trio – Clouds (TR059)

Clouds is the third installment by Post Global Trio, released through Twice Removed on limited edition CDr in 2015.
Notable for this album is that it was recorded in Lazaropole, Macedonia, a village at 1,350 m altitude surrounded by mountains and forests far away from the city.

Tectorum Tapes – Vol. Four Compilation

Amplidyne Effect has a track featured on their fourth compilation by Tectorum Tapes, along with artists like Dimitar Dodovski, Koam, vv, Jericho and so on… Released on a limited edition tape…

Meissa Ionis – Epic Propulsion (AMPEFF 005 / EP / 2014)

First EP by Meissa Ionis, Experimental, Lo-FI recorded with piezo microphones.

Non-Places #01 (From Places to Non Places): Parahi te marae

Non-Places #01 (From Places to Non Places): Parahi te marae
by Glasz DeCuir

VA – Remote Perspective, An Abstract Sound Compilation (AMPEFF 012 / Compilation / 2017)

“Remote Perspective, An Abstract Sound Compilation” is the first digital download compilation released on AMPEFF, as a free download.

Amplidyne Effect & Lefterna – One Day My Prince Will Come

The first collaborative release under the name Amplidyne Effect & Lefterna. The collaboration sees the two artists working on two warm and hearty drone / ambient collaboration released for the experimental net-label The Dark Thursday.


Dimitrov / Ristevski / Georgievski