Post Global Trio – Fluids (UTR – 134)

Second collaborative album of Post Global Trio released through the Canadian label Unkown Tone Records.

Amplidyne Effect – HopScotch

HopScotch by Amplidyne Effect HopScotch is the video excerpt of "Music for Imaginary Exhibition". Recorded in 2012, “Music for Imaginary Exhibitions” is an improvised piece recorded using only a piezo microphone stuck to some objects and...

Soundscape Workshop: Nature Meets Technology 2012: Preview Snippet

This audio represents a short preview snippet extracted from the impro ambient sessions that took place during the 1st edition of the Soundscape Workshop: Nature Meets Technology series in Lazaropole, Macedonia. From 22nd to 24th of June 2012, as part of the Creative...

False Perspective Gallery (AMPEFF 013 / Gallery / 2017)

FALSE PERSPECTIVE is a design, experimental photography and scans exhibition followed by a deep drone sound work of 2 hours and a blurred perspective video of colors and shapes.

Amplidyne Effect – Path (by John Rixon)

Experimental film set to Amplidyne Effect’s new work from the album “Oldcast # 50 – Blossom”, created by John Rixon.

VA – Remote Perspective, An Abstract Sound Compilation (AMPEFF 012 / Compilation / 2017)

“Remote Perspective, An Abstract Sound Compilation” is the first digital download compilation released on AMPEFF, as a free download.

Dimitrov / Ristevski / Georgievski – Collab II (UnitedByChaos)

Collab 2 is the second digital album release by Toni Dimitrov, Boban Ristevski and Martin Georgievski for the United By Chaos website. Consisting of deep ambient drones it’s the second ambient album by this trio released so far.

Meissa Ionis – Quadroscopia (AMPEFF 003 / LP / 2014)

Quadroscopia is a heavy dark and doom drone album heavily influenced by the loud and sonic perplexity of Sunn O))), basically lacking in seriousness and the more experimental noise pit of Amplidyne Effect.

Post Global Trio – Clouds (TR059)

Clouds is the third installment by Post Global Trio, released through Twice Removed on limited edition CDr in 2015.
Notable for this album is that it was recorded in Lazaropole, Macedonia, a village at 1,350 m altitude surrounded by mountains and forests far away from the city.

Amplidyne Effect & Hot Hail – Isotopia (AMPEFF 004 / LP / 2014)

Experimental collaborative LP between Hot Hail and Amplidyne Effect, recorded on separate stream sessions.


Dimitrov / Ristevski / Georgievski