ZDRAVO MLADI! festival of new music

ZDRAVO MLADI! festival is formed in 2010, which got its name by an arcade game place in the town of Kratovo, Macedonia. Shortly after choosing the name for the festival, we found out that the arcade game place got its name after an über popular show for young people in the ex-republic. Simply like that, ZDRAVO MLADI unintentionally transformed from an ordinary “greeting to the youngsters” to a festival with powerful music program.
ZDRAVO MLADI! is a progressive music festival, whose sole purpose is to offer fresh, alternative and excellent music from the world.
It is well known that music connects people, but only good music has the power to unite them.
With ZDRAVO MLADI! the young people in the city have the chance to hear and experience different and cool music through this new cultural initiative of the Youth Cultural Center.
ZDRAVO MLADI! doesn’t want to become a large festival with parade character, nor to take the spot of the already established music festivals in the city. ZDRAVO MLADI! wants to feel the pulse of the existing independent culture and with so – bring artists and bands that are in tune with the modern and contemporary indie music. Slowly but spitefully, we are moving towards our #8 edition. From one accidental event – towards a definition of a great party.
Zdravo Mladi #8 Poster

Zdravo Mladi #8 Poster

Line Up:
Cigarettes After Sex (USA)
Wooden Shjips (USA)
Repetitor (Serbia)
Camera (Germany)
Blanck Mass (England)
Flohio (England)
Palindrom (Macedonia)
Eric Copeland (USA)
DJ Fitz (Ireland)
Donplaya X Bon Praskiza (Macedonia)
Druggy (Macedonia)
Ogie x Petr (Macedonia)

Photography Exhibition by Stefan Heckel
Teathre Performance Crnila Remix (Macedonia)

START – 19:00