ᴘₒʟʏɢʟᵒᴛ – 17​.​12 ‘amour after dark’ (EP)

Released December 1st 2017 … AMPEFF (019 / EP)

Vaporwave / Lo-Fi / Synth Wave

After a long day in the rat race of market trading you return to your penthouse condo.
Your special lady has been waiting and pours you a scotch on the rocks. It’s been a hot July this year and you both decide to retreat to the rooftop.
From up here you can escape the hubbub of the world – detached from it all and yet living in the moment.
You look down onto the streets that never sleep.
The sound of distant police sirens echo from the skyscraper walls and meld together to become a mesmerizing drone.
As you bring your lady close to your side you are filled with a deep sense of pride and achievement.
You are alive at the best of times.