Across The Mountains – A Macedonian Ambient Music Compilation

Released August 11th 2014 … (Silber Allies & Post Global Recordings)
Ambient / Drone / Experimental

A collection of ambient music from Macedonia curated by Silber allies and Post Global Recordings. The tracks “Amplidyne Effect – The Introvert Microorganism” and “Post Global Trio – 2” are featured in this compilation.

From wandering synth and field recordings by Dimitar Dodovski, to a sprawling 15 minute aleatoric piano piece with huge clouds of gathering static and ominous guitar crackle by fydhws, billowy projections of soft guitar-based droning by Amplidyne Effect, plus plenty of pulsing, Nu-New Age crystalline synth by Sherafedin Kurt. Sound_00 and Airless Project hold down the dark-ambient side of things bringing some much needed noise and darker synth tones into this otherwise all-lights-on affair.