Amplidyne Effect & Hot Hail – Isotopia (LP)

Released May 24th 2014… Self-Released (AMPEFF 004 / LP)
Ambient / Noise / Experimental

Isotopia, the exemplary modification of translucent object streams and colors existing in the realm of prospective patterns. This album is the collection of sounds recorded in a few online sessions between Amplidyne Effect & Hot Hail’s dual streams in 2012 and 2013. The album consolidates the lo-fi noise sounds of Hot Hail and the ambiance from Amplidyne Effect. Destruction of piezo microphones, everyday gadgets, and a computer fan was just a part of it. 

Isotopia is available for purchase on Limited Edition CDr on textured paper as well as pay what you want download on Bandcamp.

  • Amplidyne Effect – Noise, Electric Guitar, Synths, Loops, Piezo
  • Hot Hail – Electronics, Voice, Synths, Piezos