Amplidyne Effect – Moribund Neighborhoods (LP)

Released on 02/06/2022 / (Transonic Records / LP)
Ambient / Drone / Field-Recordings

‘Moribund Neighborhoods’ is a collection of tracks* recorded at home or on the spot of the wanderings during the lockdown period, between 2020 and 2022. Each piece is a microcosm taken from improvised sessions using synthesizers, guitars, and samples to combine ambient sounds that travel in various constellations. Some field recordings illustrate small parts of the Skopje city that struggle against the changes of time.

These soundscapes construct non-verbal poetic/cinematic stories about small battles for living through the ongoing decline of old neighborhoods and the (post)Covid crash in Macedonia (and beyond, in the Balkans), and also windows towards another possible more caring and luminous world.

Music and photos > Martin Georgievski
Recorded at home in Skopje
Between 2014 and 2022
Mastering >Marc Doutrepont
Project coordination > Philippe Franck
Design > JB Libert

Commissioned in the framework of the “No Lockdown Art” initiative launched by Transcultures – Belgium and European Pepinieres of Creation to support adventurous creativity in the viral times.