Amplidyne Effect – Oldcast #50 – Blossom (LP)

Released October 25th 2013 … Self Released (AMPEFF 001 / LP)
Ambient / Drone / Field-Recordings

Recorded in 2011, Oldcast #50 is the 50th in the series of improvised sounds called “Oldcast” released on Bandcamp. 50th being the defining point and a mix of old and new sounds recorded with longtime friends and collaborators of Amplidyne Effect. The basis was to collaborate on an existing sound and base of music that was recorded in 2011 and the artists to provide their own music and sounds upon seperate segments of the audio file, which resulted in a multi-continental collaboration of artists from Republic of Macedonia, United States of America and Argentina. Oldcast #50 is a nature themed album, filled with guitars, synthesizers and the combination of field recordings taking you onto a spiritual journey across the soft sound textures and intrusive acoustic guitar sounds. The album was collaborated with Noitu, Sound_00, Vulganstein and Kashmir. It was released on limited edition CDr and digitally as a 0.5$ download (or pay what you want) on bandcamp (included are bunch of bonus tracks and a special remix by Noitu).