Amplidyne Effect – Patternized Movements (EP)

Released December 31st 2015 … Post Global Recordings Local Edition (local 003)
Ambient / Drone / Experimental

Patternized Movement’ is an improvised ambient journey by Amplidyne Effect, the hyper productive multimedia project of Martin Georgievski, which consists of 6 movements into the deep conscious of one’s mind, inspired by the fight of the machines and nature to coexist in the same world. This EP was recorded in a single improvised session, using guitar loops, keyboard and various electronics and effects, process that he usually uses for his previous materials, creating combinations and variations that range from ambient, drone and experimental electronics, to post-rock. This album differs slightly from his previous material as it is denser, more concrete and shaped, but following the sophisticated musical sensibility and distinctive path that he established with his track ‘The Introvert Microorganism’ placed on the compilation ‘Across The Mountains: А macedonian ambient music compilation’ (first release in the post global recordings LOCAL edition). ‘Patternized Movement’ is released on post global recordings as a part of the LOCAL edition.