Amplidyne Effect & Toni Dimitrov 
Live at ToBeContinued​.​.​. 2021

Released June 20th 2021 / (Attenuation Circuit)
Ambient / Drone / Field-Recordings

Performance done for the 12th edition of ToBeContinued… 2021, original concert lasting 24 hours (from 00 to 24 of March 24th, Central Europe Time), during which musicians from many countries world-wide are connected to broadcast their live music. During this un-interrupted 24-hour marathon, each musician had a 30-minute window at disposal to create a relay of sounds that would range across different streams of music. The participating musicians performed live from many different countries including all the 5 Continents, creating a symbolic tour of the world with 48 stops. The performances were available at the website, but also included public listening points like bars, libraries, cultural centers, art galleries, shops, web radio…


    • Amplidyne Effect – Guitar, Synths, Loops
    • Toni Dimitrov – Field-Recordings, Noise