Brotherhood Of Dada: Obscure Sounds Of North F.Y.R.O.M. (Compilation)

Released January 23rd 2020 … PMG Recordings (176 / Compilation)
Ambient / Experimental / Electronic

As a counterbalance to the trend in Skopje of having one performer perform in multiple bands, through the collective Brotherhood of Dada the curator of this edition gathers more performers under one name. The edition is a tribute to all the music pieces that will never be released. The title of the collective is available to anyone when issuing / performing any track. Amplidyne Effect has a piece for the collective’s compilation by the name of “Goodbye Shining Blackstar”

Brotherhood of Dada in this issue are:

TATAR, Мартин Петковски, Foto Robot, Sicci, Nestvarnost, $impo$quad, Мики Вуковиќ, Speculum Esse, Polaris, Оружје, Cody M, Amplidyne Effect, Darkowsky, WM, Alvaldr, Јован Јовановски, Big Kahuna Burgers, Blepulum Esse, Диме Данов