Listen to this exclusive mix from the Macedonian based duo Private Mountain, Dimitar Dodovski and Toni Dimitrov containing tracks by Amplidyne Effect and Post Global Trio.
A special journey through the beautiful Macedonian ambient music.

01. Niskogradba – No More than This – Perpetual Goodbye (Ampeff)
02. Moss Garden – The Tender Genes – In the Silence of the Subconscious (Carpe Sonum)
03. Private Mountain – 16 May, 2019 – Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda) Compilation v6 (Arctic Dub)
04. Toni Dimitrov & Rhucle – June 23th, 2017 – Sound Diary (post global)
05. McClure/Dimitrov/Ristevski – Sounds – Walden Two (Neotantra)
06. Private Mountain – Cultural Stratum – Stratums (unreleased)
07. Amplidyne Effect – Elements of Texture – Gloria on Canvas (Ampeff)
08. Mnemonic45 – Planetarium III – Planetarium (self released)
09. Toni Dimitrov & DR – Rainy Sessions 04 – Rainy Sessions (Warm Gospel Tapes)
10. Private Mountain – Just A Strange World – Blue Mountain (Neotantra)
11. Niskogradba – Who Knows, Who Knew – Lies, Deception and Sin (Shimmering Moods)
12. Post Global Trio – Part I – Minus Seven (Shimmering Moods)
13. Post Global Trio – Naturans, Naturata 2 – Naturans, Naturata (Lagerstaette)
14. Private Mountain – Baroque in the Age of Neoliberalism – Dark Political Stratum (élan vital)
15. Sound_00/Lefterna – Colab 39 – Colab 39 (Warm Milk)
16. Niskogradba – Loop 3 (Signal to Voice) – Loops From the 12th House (Ampeff)

*all tracks are from their projects, monikers, collaborators or collaborations with other artists.

Private Mountain is audio and visual project of Dimitar Dodovski (@dimitardodovski) and Toni Dimitrov (@tonidimitrov) releasing their debut album ‘Blue Mountain’ on UK label Neotantra (curated by Lee Anthony Norris). It is a project about their shared fascination with nature, art, philosophy and discussions about the past and future of ambient music, that resulted with a beautiful introspective album that entered the bandcamp chart of ambient bestsellers and received many great reviews.
The album ‘Dark Political Stratum’ by Private Mountain is the third release on the Macedonian experimental label Élan Vital Recordings, and second for the duo of Toni Dimitrov and Dimitar Dodovski. The album refers to the global geopolitical changes and turbulence at the beginning of the 21 century. Produced in Macedonia, a center of the global geostrategic clashes of the superpowers, it is a sound statement to these global political shifts, observed through the local prism. Macedonia in the recent years and under the pressure of the neighboring countries and the superpowers, using all methods of the hybrid war, passed through very harsh historical times and major changes, that unfortunately resulted with disintegration of the nation as we know it. ‘Dark political stratum’ is slightly noisier and experimental release, which development came out as an outtake of the material for the upcoming album ‘СТРАТУМИ’, coming up as their third release on Silent Season label.


Photo credit by: Toni Dimitrov