DIE! GOLDSTEIN presents Dystopia Utopia (live documentary / A/V performance)

Mirroring alternative states of the human condition and its consequences, Die! Goldstein offers a harsh but hopeful journey of human experience, incorporating pressing societal issues through global imagery. An inspiring and encouraging live cinema performance, accompanied by a cinematic soundscape.
Die! Goldstein’s debut album Dystopia/Utopia invites the listener to join his beautiful progression from dark and desperate dystopian states through hope to finally arrive at an enlightened, utopian present.

DIE! GOLDSTEIN, defined as “the state of mind that walks eternally in the noise of emotion”, is the Berlin-based audio-visual experimental electronic shoegaze drone noise post-rock project of Diego Mar: sound composer, photographer and video maker.
In 2017 he finished his debut album Dystopia/Utopia. It was released in the Berlin-based label named Neucrea Records. And it was presented in different festivals and venues around Europe.

SC Dunja, 26 November 2018, 9 PM
entrance: donation