After a long hiatus, the newest Ex-Yu Sampler is available on popscotch, featuring a track from 2019’s release by Meissa Ionis – DATAMOSHPIT.

You can check out the sampler at the following link:

(Translated from Serbian)
Meissa Ionis is a lesser known project of Macedonian guitarist and ambient music composer Martin Georgievski (Post Global Trio, Amplidyne Effect), and his creative adventure Datamoshpit (the biggest cyberpunk name of an album yet) bears the title of one of the most intriguing techno releases of the year. The opening Nefarious begins as a mid-90s Gas release inspiration, with the details of a digital bug and then fluttering sounds, cascading with Balearic rhythms and harmonies. The next track “Rawness” deepens the exciting disconnect between noise and distorted lines, rhythm and harmonies and creates an atmosphere of fullness and dramaturgical magnificence similar to the warmer sounds of Seefeel. “Excommunication” sounds like a vaporwave version of a retro techno tape copied through an optical printer with coats and seals of new textures. “How to Cake” is the most experimental track on the album, literally unwinding as an odyssey in a parallel dimension filled with vocal samples from test-dummy films or obscure manuals, IDM beats and double-exposed psychedelic vortexes of analog-digital waste Videodrome devilishness from a cathode ray tube and obsessive-compulsive rewinding of VHS, which obscures TV rave shows across Woodstock, with more improvised stitches than you would expect on a release like this.