ImprovE 2.20 Sounds for Savamala

Released August 15th 2014 … ImprovE
Field Recordings / Experimental

ImprovE  is a musicians’ collective, based in Belgrade.

It is a monthly platform for creative performers, experimentators and electro-acoustic-visual communication. The series is devoted to new music performance, by way of concerts, installations, workshops and site specific interventions.  The aim is to consistently promote contemporary tendencies in composition, improvisation, sound art, movement and visual arts.

On the 15th of each month, starting from December 2012, the collective of Belgrade musicians and artists, will be joined by guests from elsewhere in Serbia, ex-Yugoslavia, the Balkans and Europe.  The performances take place in various concert and clubbing venues, galleries, museums and cultural centers in and around Belgrade.

ImprovE 2.20 Sounds for Savamala was released August 15, 2014

Production: Belgrade sound map & ImprovE2.0
Organization: Vladimir Radinović
Assistant: Ivana Finci
Mastering: Igor Stangliczky
Design: Igor Stangliczky & Vladimir Radinović

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