Jono Podmore (Kumo)

(London, United Kingdom)

Jono Podmore aka Kumo – professor of the practice of popular music at the prestigious Hochschule für Musik in Cologne, Germany –  is best known latterly for his tireless work curating and managing the archives of Krautrock pioneers Can. In this respect, his masterstroke to date has been assembling the essential The Lost Tapes boxset; which distilled, edited and spliced together reels and reels of Can’s studio outtakes, film scores and live recordings into a labyrinthine yet accessible package that adjoins the band’s already illustrious catalogue with well-crafted cohesiveness.

Podmore has been no slouch with his own musical projects, working under his Kumo alias across multiple releases, performances and installations that have included collaborations with the likes of Irmin Schmidt, B.J. Cole, Burnt Friedman and Jose Padilla; his ongoing Horrorshow multimedia venture brings together live soundtracks and short films.

His established group Metamono finds new life in vintage analogue and hand made electronics, including the lyrical strains of Podmore’s theremin. Metamono released their second album album Creative Listening in February this year, and continue with live performances, installations and film projects across Europe, including Secrets of Nature – Sounds Unseen: live electronic for silent British film.

More info

  • METAMONO Creative Listening
    Instrumentarium Records IMT005 2016
  • METAMONOWith The Compliments of Nuclear Physics
    Instrumentarium Records IMT004 2014
  • CANThe Lost Tapes
    Spoon Records SPOON55 2012
  • IRMIN SCHMIDT & KUMO – Flies Guys and Choirs
    Spoon Records DVD SPOON CD49 2008
    Sound installation in 5.1 and stereo sound complete with the specially commissioned full length film by Kumo, Sandra Podmore and Kate Shipp.
  • IRMIN SCHMIDT & KUMO – Axolotl Eyes
    Spoon Records SPOONCD48 2008
  • IRMIN SCHMIDT & KUMO – Masters Of Confusion
    Spoon Records SPOONCD45 2001
  • KUMO – 1+1=1
    Spoon Records SPOONCD46  2000
  • KUMO – Kaminari
    Psychomat PSYLP1 1997

EPs and Singles: 

  • KUMO – East End Tales
    Specimen Records SPEC006 2016
  • METAMONO – Warszawa/Shafty 7″
    Instrumentarium Records IMT003 2013
    Spoon Records SPOON 56 2013
  • METAMONO – Parcel Post EP 10″
    Instrumentarium Records IMT001 2012
  • METAMONO – Tape EP – 10″
    Ho Hum Records HOHUM017 2011
  • KUMO – Metapolis EP
    White Label Records 2007 Available exclusively on iTunes
    Electric Tones Records e-tones009 2003
  • KUMO – Armed Response
    Psychomat PSY1 1997
  • KUMO – 7 Buckets
    Psychomat PSY2  1997
  • KUMO – Together
    Psychomat PSY3 1997
  • KUMO – No Need
    Autoi ep01 1996

Cassette only:

  • METAMONO – Bambino Lives
  • METAMONO – Band Theory EP
  • METAMONO – The Enemy Above
  • METAMONO – C15H14O6


  • REEBOP KWAKU BAAH – Masimbabele KUMO remix
  • THE DAMAGE MANUAL – Expand – Irmin Schmidt & Kumo remix
    Limited Edition Invisible Records UI 1107 2005
  • BJ COLE & KUMO – East of Eden
    from the album TROUBLE IN PARADISE Cooking Vinyl COOKCD312 2004
  • CLUB OFF CHAOS with KUMO – Croissant
    Electric Tones records e-tones001 2000
  • SUNSHIPSun within the Sun KUMO remix
    Filter Comm. FILT 0013 1997
  • SPECIAL PROJECTS – Code of the Goddam streets KUMO remix
    Filter Comm. FILT 0015 1997
  • STRANGER – Partly Cloudy KUMO light shower remix
    Plink Plonk records PLK 33  1997
  • D*NOTE –  Garden of Earthly Delights KUMO Remix
    Ministry of Sound- Late Night Sessions Ministry of Sound Recordings Ltd. SOMCD 4 1996
  • A.P.EStriplight KUMO in Dub mix
    Dorado records DORO 39 1995
  • BLUE GOOSE – Spirals KUMO Pacific Dub
    Plink Plonk records PLK 016t 1994


  • IRMIN SCHMIDT & KUMO – Banging the door
    TRIBUTE: A TRIBUTE TO PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. Underground Inc. UIN1112 2005
  • KUMO – Iron Eye
    MINIMALISM: MORE OR LESS Law & Auder Records LA5 CD 1998
  • KUMO – Before the End
    SPACEWARS 01 Plink Plonk records PLK LP3 1996
  • KUMO – Kromotron
    PARASOLS 02 Plink Plonk records PLKQ LP6 1997