Meissa Ionis – Quadroscopia (LP)

Released March 22nd 2014 … Self-Released (AMPEFF 002 / LP)
Doom Drone / Noise / Experimental

Quadroscopia was an experiment on its own, the goal was to create an album and a new side-project in 3-4 hours, and Quadroscopia was the result. Improvised in 1 hour, cut in 1 hour and the next 2 hours finishing the designs, mastering and tracks. Quadroscopia is a heavy dark and doom drone album heavily influenced by the loud and sonic perplexity of Sunn O))), basically lacking in seriousness and the more experimental noise pit of Amplidyne Effect. Either a parody of modern “pop stars” or imitation of industrial themes, Quadroscopia takes you on a noise journey and doesn’t let go for the next 49 minutes (unless you decide to close the browser or media player).  Heavy distorted guitars, bass, synths and occasional distorted rhythm fill up the album in a wall of noise. (Not for chart lists, weak minded and for those who have allergies to sonic perplexion).

<iframe style="border: 0; width: 100%; height: 337px;" src="" seamless><a href="">Meissa Ionis - Quadroscopia by Meissa Ionis</a></iframe>