Niskogradba – Memories (EP)

Released May 15th 2017 … AMPEFF (014 / EP)
Ambient / Vaporwave / Experimental

After the “Rainmaker EP” released earlier this year on the indie label Sharla, Niskogradba continues to deliver now on the vaporwave / ambient side of the spectrum. Skillfully detected moments from movie soundtracks and under the radar cheezy pop from the 80’s are repeated almost ad nauseam to make a hypnagogic and foggy atmosphere full of existential anxiety, nostalgia for the expired future and murky disembodied memories that unexpectedly took a life of their own.

1980 Iron gates.

Hard beginning. Like when you hardly opening and entering through huge iron gates, with floating steps. Lost. That is a road with huge and high dark tones coloured with dark green trees. The path is endless. It’s all dark. But those are colours of nature’s caress.

1982 Optimism.

As warm summer air currents through soft hair. It is so much pleasant but you could never touch it. As the love that can never be touched. As unrequited or lost love forever.

1984 Painful hailing.

Hailing with hands up from a deep cave. Like a dream when you want to grasp something, and it constantly runs. As in foggy morning when I want to hear your voice or as infinite love. Both voice and love are lost through the low rays of the rising sun. Feeling of rhythmically reaching hands up!

1986 All senses.

Pleasant for heart and soul and all senses. Like riding a horse alongside at sunset. Surrounded by mystical purple flowers. And mystic purple colors of the sky. Mystical rhythm that ended with calming caress through my hair beside a small fire. It’s summer. I am lost in thoughts.

1987 The journey to Japan.

Unknown. Yet so close. Intriguing. Deja Vu of alluring rhythmical sounds.

1994 That old train.

Sounds that create a feeling of old train trip through the Alps. And conceived views in the endless distance. Daydreaming about different love and some different worlds.

2019 Strong wind and depth.

Another world. Divergent. That is Mars. There are transcendental sounds there. And yellow light. You are listening ingenious rhythms are discovering new individual world. For you only. It’s quiet there. And mesmerizing.