No Lockdown Transonic Sessions – Winter 2020​-​21

Released 17th December 2020 … Transonic (Compilation)

Ambient / Experimental

As part of the No Lockdown Art – #NoLA2020 initiative successfully launched during the first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020 by the European Pepinières of Creation ( and Transcultures – Belgium (, to support and disseminate interesting online contemporary projects by international artists, and extended on the occasion of this second lockdown period during the winter of 20-21, sound creators from different countries and adventurous aesthetics are invited to each send a live audio session (like an intimate concert to share online with an unknwown public) this will be illustrated with a fixed visual as well as a few lines of presentation of the piece and a short presentation of the artist. The emphasis here is on the travelling quality of the sound work and the mental images that it can generate in the listener).