Amplidyne Effect will be opening for Alex Zhang Hungtai (ex. Dirty Beaches) on 4th March 2023 @ Kino Frosina, MKC (Skopje, Macedonia)
Guests: Vladimir Martinovski & Sonja Dimitrioska

Alex Zhang Hungtai is a Taiwanese-born Canadian musician and actor. After the retirement of his Dirty Beaches project, he focused on research in music especially in the fields of free jazz, improvisations and film scores. His more recent compositions are mostly dominated by saxophone, sizers, percussion and piano, transforming himself from a regular musician to one experimenting in the ritual music of linimalism. In recent years, his list of performances includes a role in the cult TV series “Twin Peaks” as well as an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival, where his score for the film “Godland” was presented.

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