Glaswegian Galaxian returns with 6 refined cuts aimed solely at the dancefloor. Dosing the Population takes 6 freshly cut slices from Galaxian’s electro palette. Fusing heavy machine breaks with subsonic acid mayhem, the first two tracks create an electroid environment that puts the transcendental dancer in a lysergic mind state.
The main track, ‘Dosing The Population’, packs a serious sound-system punch driven by a mad, nucleonic snare inspired by paranoid vocal sample cuts about chemical warfare. ‘Token Gesture’ is a sparser track that incorporates warm beats and basslines that give way soulful and synthetic pads and sequences. The melodic aspect to this record continues with ‘Impossible Promises’, an upbeat piece comprising complex kick arrangements that gives a stylistic nod to braindance / IDM and draws comparisons with Aphex Twin’s ‘On’ and City Centre Offices’ finest label roster of the mid-2000s.
‘Malice’ takes a turn into four-to-the-floor techno territory with a relentless beat and wonky acidic bleeps that are sure to keep minds and bodies in a spasmic reverie, while the final track, ‘We Are Not Afraid To Act’, features cut up and processed vocal snippets over haunting cinematic soundscapes that place the listener in a ghostly territory.
In Galaxian’s electro universe, it is his systematic beat and bass buildups that stand out, duly turning these minimal-sounding tracks into cutting edge dance-floor material.
By Ogie S. | Loose Lips
a1) Internal Colonies
a2) Dosing The Population
a3) Token Gesture
b1)­ Impossible Promises
b2) Malice
b3) We Are Not Afraid To Act