Ninoslav Spirovski ( soprano & tenor saxophone)

Vasko Bojadžiski ( tenor saxophone)

Blagojče Tomevski (clarinet / bass clarinet)

Konstantin Hadži Кocev (piano)

Martin Georgievski (electronics / guitar)

Kristijan Novkovski (drums / percussion)

Filip Bukrshliev (electric guitar)

Deni Omeragić (contrabass / electronics )


SVETLOST + ODRON RITUAL ORCHESTRA is a large ensemble formed as a continuation of the successful collaboration of Kristijan Novkovski, Deni Omeragic and Ninoslav Spirovski in the trio Svetlost. Conceived as an open platform for collaboration with musicians of different profiles, the music of this ensemble changes depending on the people involved in a particular project – it is usually informed by stylistic directions such as free jazz, post-rock, electro-acoustic music, minimalism and ambient music.
Novkovski / Omeragic / Spirovski’s compositional frames are a fertile ground for the ensemble’s sound interaction – where the boundaries of the formal and the free are blurred.

In September 2019, in collaboration with the label PMG Jazz, they released their debut LP “Odron Ritual Orchestra” which was on several relevant lists for the best jazz albums for 2019 – including that of the independent music platform Bandcamp, as well as in the wider selection of US National Public Radio. In 2020 they will release the trio albums “Jazz (to the working class)” and “Six Years”. In the same year, they performed  at several renowned jazz festivals, such as “Skopje Jazz Festival”, “Kraj Vardarot Jazz” and “Prilep Jazz Weekend”. In October 2021 they released the second album of the expanded ensemble, under the name Svetlost + Odron Ritual Orchestra – “A Wave Returns to the Ocean”, in collaboration with SJF Records, which was listed by Bandcamp as one of the best in November 2021.