Toni Dimitrov & Dmitri Zherbin – Neproshteno Laakso

Released June 22nd 2018 … AMPEFF (024 / LP)
Ambient / Drone / Experimental

Newest in the series of releases from Toni Dimitrov’s collaborations, is the album with Finish artist Dmitri Zherbin. Recorded on destination from village of Neproshteno to the north town Laakso, this piece is an experimental reflections of a inner journey. Composed mostly of field recordings and tape loops it ranges from more subtle soundscapes to more abrasive sound experiments with metal. The work is dominated by the darker feeling, which is intensified by the metal and harsh sounds. However, the depth of field recordings acts as a factor that adds warmth to the tracks. This is the first in the forthcoming series of collaborative works by this two prolific sound designers.