Toni Dimitrov & Dominic Razlaff – Late Night Session (EP)

Released April 27th 2020 … AMPEFF (034 / EP)
Ambient / Drone

After three previous collaborative albums Rainy Sessions (Warm Gospel Tapes), Braunschweig Sessions (post global recordings) and 1802_18 (Pilot Eleven Netlabel), Late Night Sessions is the latest installment of an ongoing collaboration process by Toni Dimitrov and Dominic Razlaff. These two prolific soundscape designers are famous for their long form drone explorations merged with the subtle field recordings infused ambience.

Recorded on various destinations around Macedonian nature, “Late Night Sessions” is a reflection of a darker, yet subtle and vibrant journey. With its ranges and spectrum from more gentle soundscapes to rawer and at times even unnerving sound experiments, this work is a direct presentation of the works of both artists, now connected in joint work that is already shaping in their own recognizable sound.