VA – Remote Perspective, An Abstract Sound Compilation

Released April 17th 2017 – (AMPEFF 012)
Ambient / Drone / Experimental

“Remote Perspective, An Abstract Sound Compilation” is the first digital download compilation released on the website (under the self-release moniker AmpEff), as a free download. As an idea, the compilation serves to promote artists from around the world, that work with the abstract spectrum of sounds – experimenting with ambient, drone, experimental and electronic music. Most prominently the compilation is filled with sounds from artists that live in Republic of Macedonia (Amplidyne Effect, Dimitar Dodovski, Toni Dimitrov, Vedis, Aleksandar Ordev, delta m45, Defect 13th, B.ATL, Holtergeist, Post Global Trio), as well as artists from Argentina (Kashmir), Germany (DeceptionsDigital), Spain (MorlitaM), Portugal (Augen), United Kingdom (Scald Process, Maps and Diagrams, KUMO, Jared Sagar), Italy (Giovanni Alibrandi), Serbia (delta m45) and Malta (Robert Farrugia).

Duration: 1 Hour 55 minutes.
Total Tracks: 19
Released on: April 17th, 2017
Cover by: Martin Georgievski (Taken at Zandvoort, The Netherlands – November, 2015)
‘Mastered’ by: Martin Georgievski (except tracks 4, 6, 10, 11, 12, 15)
Tracks Produced by their respective artists.


1, Amplidyne Effect – Remote Perspective
2. Dimitar Dodovski – Sepia Jam
3. Robert Farrugia – Shimmer
4. Toni Dimitrov / Jared Sagar – 2
5. Post Global Trio – Into Subconsciousness
6. KUMO – Под Mоре
7. Giovanni Alibrandi – Perdizione
8. Vedis – Fatique
9. Aleksandar Ordev – На Балкон Со Енио
10. delta m45 – overcast
11. Scald Process – Misa Del Gallo (Crux Live Version)
12. Maps and Diagrams – Splint
13. Defect 13th – Outer Space
14. Kashmir – Docking Bay 64
15. Augen – Windward
16. B.ATL – Microcosm
17. MorlitaM – Völva Und Meerjungfrau
18. DeceptionsDigital – Whisper
19. Holtergeist – Neptunus

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