Sharla ist keine Kultur (label sampler 2020)

Annual compilation of Sharla Records artists 2020 with a track recorded by Amplidyne Effect.

No Lockdown Transonic Sessions – Winter 2020​-​21

Listen to a live recorded track by Amplidyne Effect for the No Lockdown Transonic Sessions of 2020-2021.

Ambient-Chaos Studio Live Performance Number 62: Amplidyne Effect

Recorded a 15 minute short performance for the Ambient-Chaos Studio Live Performance video series on YouTube.

Video with Svetlost + Odron Ritual Orchestra (16th October 2020)

Check out the full performance with Svetlost + Odron Ritual Orchestra for the 39th Skopje Jazz Festival.

Amplidyne Effect – Erratic Routine (Sharla/DR049/EP)

Erratic Routine is a single composition EP, composed of an electronic and ambient landscape collage.

Amplidyne Effect – Asimetrika (AMPEFF 035 / LP / 2020)

“Asimetrika” is a sound survey by Amplidyne Effect ranging from ambient to contemporary classical elements.

Post Global Trio – Naturans, Naturata (Lagerstätte / LP / 2020)

The newest work by Post Global Trio introduces the listener to an immersive and explorative album with two long-form pieces.

Toni Dimitrov & Dominic Razlaff – Late Night Sessions (AMPEFF 034 / EP / 2020)

Recorded on various destinations around Macedonian nature, “Late Night Sessions” is a reflection of a darker, yet subtle and vibrant journey. With its ranges and spectrum from more gentle soundscapes to rawer and at times even unnerving sound experiments, this work is a direct presentation of the works of both artists, now connected in joint work that is already shaping in their own recognizable sound.

Brotherhood Of Dada: Obscure Sounds Of North F.Y.R.O.M. [PMG Recordings / Compilation / 2020]

As a counterbalance to the trend in Skopje of having one performer perform in multiple bands, through the collective Brotherhood of Dada the curator of this edition gathers more performers under one name.


(AMPEFF // Amplidyne Effect // Post Global Trio // Meissa Ionis)

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