Broken Fragments of Memories, An Abstract Sound Compilation (COMP)

Released August 14th 2018 … AMPEFF (027 / COMP)
Ambient / Drone / Experimental

As continuation of releasing new abstract music from around the world, AMPEFF Records is happy to present the second compilation in its roster “Broken Framents of Memories, An Abstract Sound Compilation, available as a FREE download. Featured are the ambient/drone/experimental works of artists from Republic of Macedonia (Amplidyne Effect, Toni Dimitrov, Niskogradba, Post Global Trio, Muzak, Mnemonic45, Analogie, Samoil Radinski,, Slow Tremor, Kronom & Entartete Musik), Honorary Macedonians (Trans-Aeolian Transmission), United Kingdom (Solipsism), Belgium (Christophe Bailleau, A Limb), United States of America (Whettman Chelmets), Canada (Jordan Christoff, Anarchist Mountains), Mexico (José Soberanes), France (Piscine), New Zealand (Jet Jaguar), Germany (Sebastian Zangar), Ukraine (Binary Relation), Italy (Giovanni Alibrandi & Francesco Lipari) and Portugal (Augen).


Curated by: Martin Georgievski & Dimitar Dodovski
Total Tracks: 26
Released on: 14th August 2018
Cover Design: Martin Georgievski (Amplidyne Effect)
Cover Photograph: Martin Hawk (Dubnotic) – Taken at Ceripashina – Popova Sapka (Republic of Macedonia, December 2017)
Additional Mastering: Martin Georgievski
Tracks Produced by their respective artists.

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