Both of Post Global Trio’s Naturans Naturata and Amplidyne Effect’s Asimetrika are on this top 10 list for 2020 on the Serbian music blog Popscotch.

You can read the reviews here in Serbian:

3. Post Global Trio – Naturans Naturata (Lagerstaette)

Naturans Naturata the new edition from the sound kitchen of this Macedonian band, which has been leading the game in the balkan area for years when it comes to productions in the field of ambient music, is probably the most monolithic in the entire catalog when it comes to rounding off the central leitmotif. A step further than its predecessor Philosophical Meditations, in a year marked by further ecodegradation and innovative exploration of the human sphere, Naturans Naturata again transports us beneficially into an environment of unattainable harmonic-utopian ambience. As with a postcard from the overseas arsenal of islands that Covid-19 will never reach, PGT has spread an imposing sound carpet on which they build layer by layer of samples, bass lines, field recordings and textures, imbued with percussion, symbolically restoring or resetting in sound form. A naturally lavish and bare world that does not sink under the pressure of its (capitalist) dilapidation.

4. Amplidyne Effect – Asimetrika (AMPEFF 035)

One of the members of the Macedonian line-up of the Post Global Trio, Martin Georgievski, under the moniker of his Amplidyne Effect project, is more focused on neoclassical discourse; starting with a slightly slower theme, which spends most of its time in expansive Milky Way dronology, to turn into a minimalist experiment in the second third on the theme of layered dreamy synthesizer arpeggios, some of the more rapturous moments from Asimetrika come in Steve Reich’s Bloemenstad and the fantastic IBM 1401 Processing Unit, one of his most striking pieces, which conquers with its sonic pastiche supernova, nostalgic reference and hauntological sampling of computer technology from the 60s, and a touching dedication to Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson.