sound_00 + lefterna – collab 18 (EP)

Released Augus 18th 2017 … AMPEFF (015 / EP)
Ambient / Drone / Experimental

After a series of collaborative publications on multiple experimental labels, the duo of Toni Dimitrov (Sound_00) & Boban Ristevski (Lefterna) finds its 18th conceptual collaborative release on the AMPEFF Records Label. Collab 18 is a deep ambient/experimental release of deep drone contemplations and ambient exploration, good for deep meditative and learning sessions.

sound_00 is Toni Dimtrov lefterna is Boban Ristevski
Production: Toni Dimitrov and Boban Ristevski
Field Recordings and arrangements: Toni Dimitrov
Photo and design: Toni Dimitrov
Mastering: Toni Dimitrov