ImprovE 2.14

set1: Post Global Trio (MK) & Marko Jevtić
set2: Assaf Gidron (IL) & Igor Stangliczky
set3: Igor Čubrilović & Ivan Čkonjević

+ Sound responsive video installation by Abduct

kindly sponsored by Leila bar / Kreativan vikend

Assaf Gidron is a composer and film-sound editor based in New York. Originally from Israel, Assaf started making music as part of the experimental music scene in Tel Aviv in the early 2000’s, and since has studied composition and electronic music in London and The Hague. He makes instrumental compositions, sounds for films, and free improvisations with cello, computer or guitar.

Post Global Trio is an experience. Experience that you can feel on the journey through distant lands. Inside or outside thyself. Image of clear and subtle soundscapes and landscapes. Enter into the woods. Leave the city behind the horizon. Forget about it… Now enter more deeply. In thyself. And find yourself. The way you were before you have long forgotten. The project is created as a continuity of communication, collaboration, necessity of developing a certain scene. Sound picture of long-term mutual philosophical meditations. Post Global Trio is a project between Toni Dimitrov, Dimitar Dodovski and Martin Georgievski.