“Dreamy Prophets I” is an ambient Mix by Echo and Rauschen | ° One with the Nature which opens with a track by Post Global Trio.

List of Poets & Poems :
Post Global Trio – Part I
Young Marco – Temple On A Road
Shelter – Immersion
Palta – Optagelse 16A
Soda Lite – Vale & Stone
Soda Lite – River of Mists
Haptic Feedback – mood
Mateis e. aqir – Crossing the River
Yu Su – Bluestone
Private Agenda – Sea Life (Mark Barrott Dub Mix)
Dimitar Dodovski – Blue Shadows
Echium – Ethereal
Alex Under – Bola 2
A r c a d e – Valour
Dreems – A Purple Parrot With Green Wings
Mark Barrott – Aroon
Wanderwelle – Ancestral Guidance
Marc Chantereau & Pierre Dahan – Super Slow Down (D.K. Remix)
Moon Wheel – Nocturne
René Najera – yy
Slow Riffs – Virgo Dub
D.K. – Summoning The Spirits
Palta – Tabt Optagelse
Mood Hut – Love Festival
Aquarian Foundation – Figurine Progression
Mateis e. aqir – Drum Islet
Deep Nalström – The Dream People
Mr. Bronson – End Of The Track
TEREKKE – Closer
Body-San – My Moments
Mr. Bronson – Spiraling Forward
deep88 – We Need Raw
Mateis e. aqir – Dreamy Prophet
A r c a d e – Cotton Buds
Dimitar Dodovski – Masculine Mescaline
Dimitar Dodovski – Predel (ii)
Scanner – A Piece Of Monologue