Check out the newest short film by Kris Mileski and Ashly Renee Mileski featuring two tracks by Amplidyne Effect,.

“I got a good feelin’ ‘bout the new year..”

..says the ever-hopeful Ben (Joel Mucci), in an attempt to comfort his buddy, Leo (David Mason), who has hit rock bottom after been laid-off from work.

Leo is not convinced.

One lonely night during the festive season, Leo mysteriously disappears from his motel room. Ben is unable to locate him and anticipates his return – becoming consumed by the mystery surrounding the friend he thought he knew.

Directed by Kris Mileski & Ashly Renee Mileski
Produced by Mainframe:Hacked & NightTrucks
Starring Joel Mucci & David Mason

“Cylinder Seven” by Chris Zabriskie
“Vitamins” by Destinazione Altrove (Remix ft. Clulow_Forester)
“Articulate Noise for Fading Depression in Modern Time Geological Movement” by Amplidyne Effect
“Aura Lee” interpreted by Ronny Matthes, Composed by George R. Poulton (1828-1867)
“Last Night I Dreamt I Saw True Love In Your Eyes” by Chris Zabriskie
“Flick” by Amplidyne Effect
“Suck City” by Black Math
“Ain’t No Thing” by BOPD
“Credits, Thank You For Playing” by Komiku

Galaxy Away – Short Film from Kris Mileski on Vimeo.