We will be performing for the first time in Greece, on the 11th October 2018, for the Biennale of Western Balkans, starting at 21:00h.

The Biennale of Western Balkans (BoWB) is a new arts and cultural event and institution, hosted for the first time in the city of Ioannina, region of Epirus in Northwestern Greece, in October 2018. The vision is to bring intangible cultural heritage and community values in the contemporary context, in connection with art and new technologies.

The aim is to support and present contemporary art that can engage aspects of intangible cultural heritage of the Greek and Western Balkan communities, and of the European and international field as well. Moreover, the Biennale aims to create a critical framework for the dissemination of contemporary thought and research in art and culture, open technologies and the commons.

With the title ‘Tradition anew’ the 1st Biennale of Western Balkans presents interdisciplinary projects that explore aspects of intangible cultural heritage and possibilities of their digital future. The programme contains a main gathering event, three exhibitions and three conferences & workshops. The Biennale sets up the framework to envision the creation of a Virtual Museum for Intangible Cultural Heritage and contemporary thought.


The walking sound exhibition “Sonic Minds: Mnemonic Passages” is a non-material exhibition that can be explored through free wandering along urban and natural paths with the use of a locative media mobile platform. The exhibition explores the relation of sound and memory as a collective and cultural expression, through sound art and oral history.
Sonic Minds examines concepts as orality, aural memory and technical reproducibility, in connection to tradition and ecosophy. What are the sonic and mnemonic interpretations of the collective human experience? How is sound expressed as a connecting of past and present in the imaginary of a community? How is conceptual sound – the sound we hear in our thoughts – being recorded and interpreted by stirring up memories and emotions?

Curation: Lia Dimou
Curation Assistant: Jim Papanick

1. Dimitris Karageorgos, Greece
2. Haris Sahacic (from CRVENA Cultural Organisation), Bosnia and Herzegovina
3. Amplidyne Effect & Toni Dimitrov
4. Shaan (Jo Ja) Serbia
5. Katalin Ladik Serbia / Hungary
6. Kino Pleme, Serbia
7. Masturbeator (Adrija Krivokapic), Montenegro
8. Donika RUDI Kosovo
9. Oral History Kosovo
10. Christopher King & Long Gone
Productions USA

~Panagiotis Tzokas, Culturalist, Producer of ERT, Member of the Board of Directors Cultural Center of the Municipality of Ioannina
~Andromache Buna, Doctor of Social Anthropology
Storytellers: Theodoros Gekas, Giorgos Makridis, George Siobotis)