“After a very fruitful year in 2017 for the Post Global Trio, each of the members of this central station for ambient sound in the Balkans, continued with its sound adventures as solo projects. Amplidyne Effect was founded in 2009 by Martin Georgievski and after a series of collaborations, as well as under the pseudonym Meissa Ionis and within the Oldcast series, he showed a great deal of inspiration and eclecticism, and on his latest edition, he delivered his most mature and most enclosed edition so far.

In addition to ambient and drone compositions,these forty minutes of new material brings a turn to the slow elegance of neoclassicism. Gloria on Canvas is an author’s play with stretched truncheons through which organic textures are poured, blissfully intonated synths blend with glittering tones of new age piano and soothing guitar tunes in a manner that invigorates the 12k sound and ambient symphony by Brian Eno on the Fractal Inconsistency track. The final shape is very warm and cosmically expansive, and this trip can be through the microcosm(s) as much as the macrocosm. Stars of the Lid made imaginative music to continue Twin Peaks and Martin’s album for night moon gazing through the unseen and more White Lodge astral projections.”

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Popscotch Ex-Yu Sampler 2/2018 – ambient-scapes, avant-pop & synthopia