Macedonian band POST GLOBAL TRIO first appeared back in 2014, releasing two albums that year and with at least two more albums to their name following this. The self-titled album “Post Global Trio” is one of the two albums that dates back to 2014, and was released through Macedonian label Post Global Recordings.

One of the things you perhaps doesn’t expect to encounter in life is ambient music that can be properly described as challenging. This is such a case though, and not just due to the length of the single composition here, which clocks in at an hour, as there are other factors at play too.

Understand me correctly though: This isn’t challenging music similar to avant and highly experimental music, but it is more challenging than the undefinable norm in that a lot more is going on than what you’d expect, and that the end result is difficult to describe in an accurate manner.

The first half of this album plays out in a manner pretty close to what one might expect of such a production though. We get field recordings: Of birds, water, the sound of branches and bushes, some sound of people interacting with a natural environment, cleverly flavored with soft floating synth layers, percussion effects with a earthen, natural feel and careful drones. The sound of running water in particular is prominent, and the feeling invoked is one of a trip through nature. At times mystical and mysterious, with an occasional enticing timbre of darkness to it, but never ominous or dramatic in any manner.

In the second half the nature sounds subsides, while the synths and electronics increase in stature. More dramatic soundscapes are formed, the piano is added for contrast here and there, and the general nature of the sounds and textures applied becomes increasingly darker. With gentler interludes along the way, but the general development is towards an overall darker and, especially towards the end, also twisted and distorted musical landscape. In my mind this brings forth associations towards wandering from nature and into a city, and the song possibly concluding in the city core, with a total absence of nature and a more alien and hostile general environment.

I find it impressive to manage to create such a well made creation. Managing to keep one’s attention to a creation for a full hour is an achievement in itself, and that the soundscapes crafted and explored comes with the power to inspire towards associations is another plus in my book. While perhaps not a brilliant creation as such, as some sections lacks the sheer hypnotic power I crave, this is a well made creation on most levels and a fulfilling total experience.

Post Global Trio’s self-titled album comes across as a strong and well made statement from a trio of artists that are accomplished and ambitious in their forays into the fields of ambient music. A full hour of music that use many different elements and effects from the ambient realm to create an accomplished, quality creation, one that possibly will have an impact also beyond the regular audience for ambient productions.

My rating: 7/10


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Post Global Trio


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