30. DIIV – Is The Is Are?
Best Song: Dopamine


29. M83 – Junk
Best Song: Do It, Try It

28. Julianna Barwick – Will
Best Song: Nebula

27. Bernays Propaganda – Politika
Best Song: Armija

26. Lucrecia Dalt – Ou
Best Song: Over Unity (Meontic Voice – Taquion)

25. Childish Gambino – Awaken, My Love!
Best Song: Stand Tall

24. Dimitar Dodovski – Derive
Best Song: IV(SOUL)

23. The Besnard Lakes – A Coliseum Complex Museum
Best Song: Pressure of Our Pains

22. LSD and the Search for God – Heaven Is a Place
Best Song: Outer Space

21. Ulrich Schnauss – No Further Ahead Than Today
Best Song: The Magic in You

20. Yumi Zouma – Yoncalla
Best Song: Haji Awali

19. Imarhan – Imarhan
Best Song: Assossamagh

18. Liima – ii
Best Song: Amerika

17. The Slow Show – Dream Darling
Best Song: Brawling Tonight

16. Ryley Walker – Golden Sings That Have Been Sung
Best Song: The Roundabout

15. Brian Eno – The Ship
Best Song: The Ship

14. Jenny Hval – Blood Bitch
Best Song: Conceptual Romance

13. James Blake – The Colour in Anything
Best Song: I Need A Forest Fire (ft. Bon Iver)

12. PJ Harvey – The Hope Six Demolition Project
Best Song: The Wheel

11. Pinkshinyultrablast – Grandfeathered
Best Song: The Cherry Pit

10. Ben Frost – The Wasp Factory
Best Song: You Don’t Have To Sleep

9. Steve Gunn – Eyes on The Lines
Best Song: Ancient Jules

8. Dear Tracks – Soft Dream
Best Song: Moment of Clarity

7. Roosevelt – Roosevelt
Best Song: Wait Up

6. Tim Hecker – Love Streams
Best Song: Castrati Stack

5. Jackie Lynn – Jackie Lynn
Best Song: Chicken Picken

4. Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool
Best Song: Burn The Witch

3. Minor Victories – Minor Victories
Best Song: Scattered Ashes (Song for Richard)

2. David Bowie – Blackstar
Best Song: Blackstar

1. Bon Iver – 22, A Million
Best Song: 33 GOD