Meissa Ionis will be performing for the first time at S.C Dunja along with Stamou / Chytiris / Ziarkas from Greece.

Meissa Ionis is a noisier and more experimental side project of Amplidyne Effect, which started as an idea in 2014, Meissa Ionis borrows concepts from Doom Drone, Dark Ambient and Electro Acoustic noise sounds.


Tasos Stamou / prepared zither & electronics
Stephanos Chytiris / drums, percussion
Thodoris Ziarkas / double bass

The trio improvises on the crossroad between noise and melody. Using traditional instruments of jazz (Ziarkas, Chytiris) with a unique minimalistic approach as well as the electronics (Stamou), the musicians are exploring the nature and the limits of their instruments to produce sounds that are familiar but also unanticipated. Ethereal sounds of undetermined nature alternate with melodic patterns influenced by folk music but also jazz and electronic music.

TASOS STAMOU is electroacoustic music composer and performer, alternative electronic music instrument maker, tutor and sound technologist.

STEPHANOS CHYTIRIS works aim to explore new sonic ways of improvisation. Through drum kit, minimal percussive objects and bows on cymbals, his practice concentrates on experimentation and has a warm, conversational approach, open to all.

THODORIS ZIARKAS is double bassist and composer from Rhodes, Greece.

SC Dunja, 9 December 2018, 20h.
entrance: donation